(August - October)


The end of the regular school year is approaching. We will commence the season with the famous Celebrations of San Salvador.

Every year, we will organize an activity for the students to practice speaking English based on what they have learned in the last 6 months. You can be involved in preparing the students for this activity.

On the 15th September, the school will participate in the citywide Independence Day parade. Volunteers usually partake in the parade and walk alongside the students. A big party to celebrate Children’s Day (1st October) and Girl’s Day (11th October) will be held in the school. The celebration revolves around the students where ex and current volunteers collaborate to provide music, games, dance and pinatas to create an unforgettable day.


The weather is cooler during this period as compared to the last 3 months. It is officially winter and you can expect rain in the afternoon and night.


These months marks the end of the mangoes and avocadoes season. Other exotic fruits such as Anona, Zapote and Mamones starts.


Celebrations of San Salvador (1st - 6th August), Independence Day (15th – 16th September)