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A volunteer placement can be range from 2 weeks to 6 months. The fee of the program varies based on season and the length of the volunteer assignment. The program fee must be paid in US Dollars, and via credit card (PayPal) or wire transfer, 60 days prior the program start date.

Weeks Fee Weeks Fee
2 $ 325.00 3 $ 400.00
4 $ 425.00 5 $ 530.00
6 $ 550.00 7 $ 615.00
8 $ 630.00 9 $ 730.00
10 $ 750.00 11 $ 815.00
12 $ 850.00 13 $ 1,015.00
14 $ 1,030.00 15 $ 1,090.00
16 $ 1,115.00 17 $ 1,175.00
18 $ 1,200.00 19 $ 1,260.00
20 $ 1,280.00 21 $ 1,340.00
22 $ 1,360.00 23 $ 1,430.00
24 $ 1,450.00 Extra Night: $15.00 Extra Week: $50.00


The staff of TEACHING YOU will be in contact with you since the first day when you start the application process. Before you depart to El Salvador, our staff will provide you with all the information that you need regarding visa, immigration requirements, advice about airlines and flight tickets, travel insurance.
We will send pre-depart medical information (vaccinations and tropical virus prevention) to help you prepare for your doctor's visit before coming to El Salvador. Additional information on your accommodation, safety and living costs will be provided.


You will be picked up from Monseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero Airport or San Salvador Bus Station by our staff with a placard of TEACHING YOU.


You have the option to stay with a Salvadoran host family or in a volunteer house which is an apartment only for volunteers. Both are located close to the program which is 10 minutes away by foot.
Most family stays include a shared room and bath facilities. Many of the families have been hosting volunteers for years. All our accommodations are safe, clean and comfortable on a basic level. A laundry service is available for an extra charge.


Fill out this application form if you are interested in becoming a volunteer with Teaching You.


Obtaining a valid visa (when is required) and providing all appropriate documentation to El Salvador is the responsibility of the applicant and is not included in program fee.
If a visa is required, the applicant has to apply for a tourist visa. It is not the responsibility of TEACHING YOU to help obtain special visas for applicants coming from countries without diplomatic relationships with El Salvador or where an invitation letter or special requirements are required.


Ensure that your vaccination is completed several weeks before your departure to El Salvador. The vaccines that you require for travel to El Salvador are hepatitis A, hepatitis B, tetanus, typhoid, rabies, tuberculosis, diphtheria, cholera and flu shots.


To travel as a volunteer with us, you need to have a health & travel insurance. Most importantly the insurance needs to adapt to the requirements of our program, and need to be designed for coverage for volunteers in El Salvador, including health, accident, evacuation, cancellation program and baggage.


Salvadoran food is unique and tasty. It combines elements of culinary traditions from Maya culture flavored by traditional grains (rice, corn, and beans), flowers (Loroco and Izote - National Flower), oils (vegetable oil and lard), sauces (tomato and chicha), fresh tropical fruit, and vegetables. Salvadoran love fried food. We recommend you to try special dishes such as fried yuca, pupusa, gallo en chicha and rellenos de papa y guisquil.


You can get there by air and land. To enter El Salvador by air, you can search all the airlines serving our country. There is only one commercial airport in El Salvador, Monseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional Monseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero) 45 minutes by car from Santa Tecla. (Airport IATA CODE: SAL)

By land some tourist companies offer buses and microbuses traveling from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.


We recommend visiting your personal doctor to review your health before traveling to El Salvador. He can advise what medicine you can bring along, including items for sun exposure, gastrointestinal issues (traveler’s diarrhea) or required vaccinations for this trip. Please remember that you need to bring your Certificate of Vaccination.


El Salvador has a tropical climate. You can pack lightweight and comfortable clothing for your normal day. If you intend to go hiking or visit beaches, do pack proper footwear and beachwear.
A small bag to carry your daily essentials and a bag pack for traveling can be brought along. It is advisable to bring a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated in the warm weather.
It is recommended to bring mosquito repellent and some medicine for your stomach in case you are not accustomed to the food.
We encourage our volunteers to bring school supplies to the program. Some of the items are stamps, stickers, and colored papers. You can also bring English language books to share with the students and other volunteers.


A volunteer or internship experience start with one step, your decision to travel, however, you need to be sure if you are ready for El Salvador.

Firstly you need to take a moment for self-reflection. We came up with a few important recommendations for you in this page while discussing with our ex-volunteers during the last years. We hope to help you in making an important decision.

We Suggest

We suggest that you read our website and take the time to learn about us. Understand what we do and see if our work it is suited to your skills, experience, interests, and career. Read ex-volunteers experiences and imagine yourself being in the same situation.


Ask yourself if you are ready to spend time in a culture that is completely different from yours. Decide if you have the personal capacity to become a volunteer or intern.

Diferent Culture

Do in-depth research about El Salvador and explore its history to find out what makes the country special. Read through magazines, forums and watch documentaries or videos from YouTube to form an idea about El Salvador. Think about how you are going to embrace the culture. If you don't speak the language, you might want to take up basic Spanish lessons. Search Santa Tecla City and see if you like where you will be staying.

Prepare Emotionally

Read more about the culture in El Salvador to minimize culture shock. Find out about Salvadoran time where people would arrive later than the agreed time. Investigate the local food and see if you ready to try it out. Prepare for the emotional highs and lows and imagine going back to your country after this trip, trying to fit in adapting to your culture.

Talk About your Trip

While traveling, you will find yourself spending a long time away from your significant other, friends and family. Have you had a conversation with them about your plans? We suggest you do it before applying.