The program offers you the possibility to help as a volunteer teaching in a public school at primary or secondary education level. As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to not only teach English but also help in other subjects like sports and values.

The teaching English program will allow you to work with experienced teaching staffs in El Salvador, improve your Spanish language skills, obtain experience in teaching and gain insights into another education system and their methodologies.

The schedule shows the approximate time that you will be teaching in the school. Please note that the schedule may be modified to accommodate changes.

When there is more than 1 volunteer in the program, the coordinator will distribute the schedule accordingly. The schedule will be established a month before or upon your arrival to the program.

As a volunteer, you must use your strengths, knowledge and talents to assist the organization. Be a creative & proactive leader of your project.

As a representative of TEACHING YOU, you are to conduct yourself in a respectful manner consistent with the position and culture: consistently display your highest personal standards; treat all people with respect and dignity (projects and accommodation); have an attitude of service towards others and seek to understand and appreciate the local culture. Be receptive and cooperative with TEACHING YOU, the Directors at your project, and the providers of your accommodation with their rules & regulations.

Have a flexible mindset and respond to the changing needs and demands of your project by offering help where your skills are needed most.

Things can change at the last moment. This can happen regularly in our project, and it may be less organized than in your country, your university or in your work, you need to be positive and proactive. Don’t wait for the teachers or students to come to you first. These are things you would need to initiate on your own.


Summer school is two weeks of fun and learning, ten sessions of English applied to all the topics learned during the regular school year with our best students.

You will spend the days with a selected group of students that show the best attitude, values, and English language skill. Together we will give them the best experience of the year.


Summer school season will need around 4 or 5 volunteers to help with these sessions (two weeks commitment). Each individual session runs Monday to Friday during the morning (8:00 am - 11:45 am), the program is housed at the school that TEACHING YOU works during the year.

The TEACHING YOU coordinator will provide you a thorough orientation about the topic to teach at summer school, but you will be free to the creative for activities, games, and dynamic. You will be required to have a work plan on how to work with students and materials needed before your arrival so we can be prepared for your activities.


The session is going to be fun working and helping them with activities such as arts, crafts, cooking, sports, recreation and much more! The unique rewarding experience at summer school will be the friendships formed with our students.


2018 : 15/11/2018 – 13/12/2018
2019 : 14/11/2019 – 12/12/2019


If you are a student or a professional in education, TEACHING YOU offer a great opportunity to boost your resume, gain hands-on teaching experience along with personal and professional skills while learning a new culture overseas.

The teaching English program has a continual need for help with lesson plans, worksheets, teacher guides and report templates. As an intern, you will be creating these documents.

All this need to adapt to the school program and the students, You will perform a variety of educative duties such as teaching English and ensure that the lesson plans are viable.


You are required to complete a short application form with information about your skills and teaching experiences. If you are a student, please indicate your area of study. A Skype interview will then be conducted.

All applicants are required to have a current resume CV and one personal letter of reference when submitting the internship application. We will select the best candidate to offer a *free volunteer internship placement. The selected candidate will be contacted and receive an acceptance letter.

*Only covers accommodation. Food, flights, in-country transport and other miscellaneous expenses are to be covered by the intern.


Before the interview, you are required to present a work plan. TEACHING YOU need to be sure that you are a suitable candidate for the internship. As such we will communicate our expectations of your commitment and behavior.


We are searching for an intern for 6 months (end of January – end of July/end of July – end of December) or a regular school year (January to October). It is more effective if the intern can commit a longer period of time to the program.

Placements are usually made 60 days before start the program.
To apply to be an intern with TEACHING YOU email us at