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TEACHING YOU is a program created for an exclusive group of former volunteers who had returned to their countries after traveling to El Salvador and continued helping the local program in Santa Tecla.

Former volunteers with different ages, nationalities and personal stories have kept El Salvador in their hearts and minds, creating a big family. They were continuously searching for opportunities to help the program and communities in their way. These are the people who helped now to build this initiative "TEACHING YOU" which connects them to future volunteers.


To form a generation of well-rounded young students through education, skills and values in hopes of making them an agent of change for their communities.

Our Mission

We are an initiative dedicated to empower well-rounded young students in our public schools by inspiring and educating them to address life adversities through the learning of languages, skills and values while presenting opportunities to overcome economic disadvantages and be self sufficient


1. Solidarity - we are committed to working and helping students who are exposed economic disadvantages
2. Respect - we respect differences, and we treat everyone with fairly, equitably and inclusively
3. Honesty - we demonstrate integrity in our image, words, actions, and projections. We strive to be truthfully and trustworthy at all times
4. Responsibility - Being accountable in our work and commitment


You will be exposed to a unique teaching experience where you will directly be involved in taking charge of a class. In El Salvador, a teacher is a respected profession and you can expect to be treated as such by the local teachers, students, and parents. In recognition of a volunteer's help, the organization and school will provide you a certificate of participation.

Interactions with the local community (host families, students, teachers, and neighbors) and other volunteers from different countries allow you to learn various cultures. As a result, volunteers often feel like they are living the life as a Salvadoran. Relationships formed during the volunteer experience continue for years.

Learning English helps to improve a person's live by bettering their career prospects. As a volunteer, you can make a change in someone's life by imparting the long lasting skill of speaking English.

We will provide you a dedicated support system. From the initial step of the application process, our team will share valuable information to help to prepare for your trip. Upon arrival, you will have contact with your coordinator till the end of your volunteer experience. Our support extends even after you have completed the program as we hope you will continue to be part of the TEACHING YOU family.