Our volunteer program is located in Santa Tecla, La Libertad. We teach English to public schools where the students come from families who are economically disadvantaged.

The program runs from Monday to Friday with school hours from 7 am to 12 pm for the morning session and 1 pm to 5 pm for the afternoon session. We focus mainly on the younger students from the 1° grade to 6° grade. We also offer help in other areas such as sports, dance, computer and values lessons. At the end of the year, we reap the fruits of our labor with the group of all- rounded students attending our summer school.

You can expect a varied experience when you arrive at different seasons of the year.To help decide which period you would like to volunteer at, take a look at the overview below.



In El Salvador, speaking English or possessing some skill sets can make a difference in the future of a student and his/her family. Teaching You implemented an ongoing program which teaches English as a second language in public schools, there are also other areas where you can volunteer. Read More


Teaching You offers unpaid internships throughout the year to people with degrees in Education who wishes to learn and gain professional experience. As an intern in the program, you are required to teach English as a second language, create lesson plans and worksheets. Read More


If you intend to volunteer and engage in tourism, Teaching You has carefully put together tourist activities that can be added to your volunteering experience without affecting the teaching schedule. You will be able to select tourist activities during your application process. Read More